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ChopChopChair is a result of an ongoing research on the added value of digital technology to design processes. The exploration began with a request to design a chair starting from two simple wooden boards. Based on this question we were intrigued how digital technology could enhance the process and create unexpected solutions.

The goal became to create a (post-)digital solution that creates infinite and unique designs that deviates from standard outcomes. We created a script that utilises basic shapes to compile random compositions for the wooden boards. The script searches for endless variations and possibilities in order to create new and unconventional designs. With a simple action the user can create a variation. Every generated design is one of a kind and therefor a unique designed chair.

This provides the user with a new role of designer and curator. The user has to give meaning to the outcomes of the script and select a personal desired result.

In addition, every digital result can be converted and transformed from a digital product to physical product by a CNC machine.

Concept and Development:

Cas Slaats
Joris van Oers

Pieter Wels
Chris Geene

Project by Krom, WelGeen and Jeroen Thoonen

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